Augmented Reality and NFTs

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Forays into Augmented Reality

I am just getting started in the world of AR.  It's so fun to watch printed images come to life! Some of the prints available represent NFTs and some are just stand alone wall art. Check out my print shop below to see what I'm currently printing.  The pieces marked AR will be sent with an accompanying QR code that will get you started with the EyeJack app.

Just scan the code and watch the image come alive through your phone screen or favorite augmented device. The examples in the clip below are all available as Cardano NFTs as well.

Droid-Dreams Print Shop

Welcome to the future.

I believe blockchain technology, web3 and decentralization are going to change the world...

    ...and it's up to us if that's for the better or not.  It's trivial to label them "good" or "evil" just like it would have been for the creation of the internet. Instead I hope to join the conversation about how to make these technologies work for everyone and solve problems and inequalities instead of creating them.

    I've just started my journey this year by learning about different blockchains, smart contracts and dApps, through investment and nft creation on POS platforms. Purchasing an NFT from me is a direct contribution to an artist, but not a lot more. Read on for more hot takes.


    I am by no means an expert but I do care and I think it's worth having the conversation. This is not a how-to or a full discussion of anything. If you have never purchased an NFT I recommend doing your own research and coming back when you are more informed.

    Please be aware that as this is an emerging technology, there are both structural problems (most NFT apps are in Beta) as well as plenty of scammers waiting to take advantage of people new to the game.
What are NFTs?
Non-Fungible Tokens, which basically just means that as opposed to say a dollar bill or a bitcoin, they are a unit that is unique and not one-one exchangeable for another token, hence the extremely variable price points.
But aren't they horrible for the environment?
This is a complicated issue that I care deeply about, I've linked two of my favorite pro and con articles above.  I will say, in an effort to mitigate this potential, I only mint on POS (proof of stake) blockchains, which have been proven to have a substantially lower energy cost. 
What wallet do I need? (Just my preferences)
Cardano -> Yioro or Deadalus
Tezos -> Temple Wallet
Algorand -> My Algo Wallet
Solana-> Phantom
Do NFTs have any actual utility?
NFTs aren't just flashing apes and silly gifs (although those do get the most attention). Along with the digital potential, turning real-world tangible assets into NFTs makes buying, selling, and trading them more efficient while reducing the probability of fraud. NFTs are already being used in conservation efforts, in place of concert tickets, real estate etc.
Are NFTs dead?
For good reason NFTs have gotten a bad rap, like any new tech trend they were jumped on and abused at their early stages. We have all heard the stories of million dollar NFTs that appear meaningless on the surface.  I don't think they are dead as much as they are morphing in to a new technology as we find utility for this new tech. Like everything in crypto educating yourself before jumping on a for or against bandwagon is important if you want to be a part of forward momentum.  Send me a message if you want to continue the discussion!

Let’s collaborate

Do you see something you like? Interested in teaming up or hiring me for your next business venture? I'm currently taking freelance clients in both web development and motion graphics. Send me a message and let's start the conversation!

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