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    Welcome to my portfolio. I design, develop and maintain websites for small businesses and individuals. I'm currently accepting new clients! I am a one-woman team who values communication, integrity, and attention to detail. Send me an email to set up a free consultation!

    I prefer to build a site from scratch and provide hosting and maintenence plans, but can help you bring your current website up to date and provide a flexible update and support system at any point along the way. Charges vary greatly depending on how much detail and customization you're after, so please reach out with any questions.

Here's what I've been working on

Sound Health Advocacy

a six page small business website built in squarespace
The intent of the website is to free Karen, a practicing physicians assistant, up to focus on the work that's most important to her while having an attractive representation of the services she offers to find her new clients and clarify her offerings.
This website features a minimal muted design which showcases the natural beauty of the business location, while organizing the services provided into manageable pages.

Sound Health Advocates


An automated print shop for photographs and augmented reality prints with customized woocommerce integration
This is a fully customized Woocommerce site where I'm selling a variety of prints.
This site was built in Oxygen builder and utilizes Woocommerce and Printful to provide automatic drop-shipping and a payment portal connected to Stripe and Paypal.

Ocean Conservation Network

Two page mobile first fluid design concept
I care deeply about our oceans and all their creatures. This OCN site is a fluid design prototype and gathering of resources, not an actual organization. It's a showcase of a simple, clean, two page website that can easily be modified and adapted to fit a variety of business needs.
Entrance animations refresh on scroll
This image heavy site has a collapsing mobile menu and scrolling entrance animations for engagement.
Mobile first design, with off canvas menu

Dharma Cafe

Healthy Eats, Juice Cleanses, and Private Dining with Square Integration
Changing times call for adaptation. I helped dharma cafe smoothly transition to a subscription based curbside pickup and delivery service to get healthy meals and fresh squeezed juice to the community efficiently and safely.
This site was built using Square's website builder that automatically populates from your square inventory and gives your business a professional online presence quickly and with minimal effort.

Let’s collaborate

Do you see something you like? Interested in teaming up or hiring me for your next business venture? I'm currently taking freelance clients in both web development and motion graphics. Send me a message and let's start the conversation!

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