algorithmic adventures
by Fullmetal Algorist

Mostly math, often inspired by nature. The header is an interactive GLSL shader running in real-time thanks to Xemantic, drag your mouse (or tilt your phone) to play!

Interactive Light Art Installations

Recent Real-Time Toys Implemented in TouchDesigner

A RealFlight airplane controller mapped to reaction diffusion.

A midi controller mapped to a simulated Voronoi Algorithm.

Two NES controllers, one controls color the other movement.

NES controllers mapped to a Bienstock Zuckergberg sketch.

Algorithmic visuals controlled with a flight simulator.

Interactive Reaction Diffusion kaleidoscoped in TouchDesigner.

Spotify Canvas Design

Perfectly Looping GIFs

Spotify recently introduced Canvas, it allows a short looping visual to play with each of your tracks.  It’s album artwork, for the streaming age! Ready to bring your albums to the next level? Message me for details.

Here are my first two music videos!

This is my true passion and I would love to spend more time and resources honing these skills, if you're at all interested, please send me your music and your budget and let's collaborate!

early mornings
late nights
Lucid Sanctuary Dream

Check out more music by DISCUSS and buy these tracks at the links below

Let’s collaborate

Do you see something you like? Interested in teaming up or hiring me for your next business venture? I'm currently taking freelance clients in both web development and motion graphics. Send me a message and let's start the conversation!

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